Ellie’s Blend, Locally Roasted

Drip Coffee

Delicious, Bold & Medium Roast

Cafe Latte

Bold Espresso & Whole Milk
Available Hot & Iced

Cafe Americano

Bold Espresso & Water. Delicious by itself or add Cream & Flavoring
Available Hot & Iced

Cafe Breve

Bold Espresso & Cream
Available Hot & Iced


Bold Espresso, Steamed Milk & Foam

White Mocha Latte

White Chocolate Flavor, Whole Milk & Bold Espresso
Available Hot & Iced

Caramel Latte

Caramel Flavor, Whole Milk & Bold Espresso
Available Hot & Iced

Mocha Latte

Dark Chocolate Flavor, Whole Milk & Bold Espresso
Available Hot & Iced

Toffee Nut Latte

Toffee Nut Flavor, Bold Espresso & Whole Milk
Available Hot & Iced

Cold Brew

Bold and Delicious by itself or add Our Sweet Cream & Cold Foam

Coffee Cooler

The flavor is always changing but the strength and quality stays the same! Our Coffee Cooler is a crowd favorite with the perfect balance of strength to sweetness. Ask your Barista about the flavor of the day!

Latte Freezers

Our Latte Freezers are made with Ellie’s Bold Espresso
Roast, Ice Cream & your choice of flavor.
– Ask your Barista about our Sugar-Free Flavors!
– Add Extra Espresso Shot for $.95

Cafe Latte Freezer

Strong Frozen Espresso

Caramel Latte Freezer

Caramel & Espresso Blended

Turtle Latte Freezer

A perfect mix of Caramel & Dark Chocolate & Espresso Blended

Double Chocolate Latte Freezer

Dark Chocolate & Espresso Blended

Cookies & Cream Latte Freezer

Oreos, Ice Cream & Espresso Blended

Toffee Nut Latte Freezer

Toffee Nut Flavor & Espresso Blended

Dolce Latte Freezer

Caramel with White Chocolate & Espresso Blended

Smoothies and Teas

Chai Tea

A Captivating Chai Tea…to make it “Dirty” add Espresso
Available Hot & Iced

Strawberry Smoothie

Classic Strawberry Smoothie, with real Strawberries!

Green energy

Stay healthy with Spinach, Orange & Banana!
Add in Whey Protein, Collagen and/or Chia Seeds

Cacao Power Shake

Power through the workout or workload with Raw Cacao,
Espresso, Honey, Oat milk & Protein! Available Iced

Banana Shake

Favorite of all the kids, comes with whip cream!

London Fog

Sweet & Strong Earl Gray Tea & Whole Milk
Available Hot & Iced

Peach Black Tea

Strong Peach Iced Tea, Available Unsweet or Sweetened with Organic Agave

Orange Juice

Freshly Squeezed in Shop


Avocado Toast

Made on our House-Made Sourdough Bread, Topped with fresh Avocado Lime Spread, Red pepper Flakes, Everything Bagel Seasoning, Fresh Dill, Feta, Sriracha & Balsamic Glaze

Bacon Egg & Cheese Bagel

Try this on a Plain, Asiago or Everything Bagel

Sausage Egg & Cheese English Muffin

Greek Yogurt and Granola with Local Honey

House made Granola, Fresh Seasonal Fruit, and Local Honey


Bagels… Oh! the Bagels!
Plain, Everything, Asiago & Cinnamon Raison with Chicago-style cream cheese


Create your own Oatmeal Bowl by adding the toppings you love!
Cinnamon, Seasonal Fruit, Pecans, Honey, Brown Sugar, or Caramel & Cream!

Soft Pretzel

Try Salted for something Savory or with Cinnamon Sugar for the perfect Sweet Treat!

Roast Beef Cheddar Bagel

Made with Chicago Roast Beef & Cheddar Cheese. Served on an Everything Bagel and comes with side of Peppers

Nutella Toast

Made on our House-Made Sourdough Bread with a delicious Nutella chocolate spread and your choice of Strawberries or Banana Slices