Elle Stewart - founder

Sage is an experience. Sage is like a mini vacation. Most people come to Sage, for not only the superior quality drinks and amazing food items, but they also come for the whole experience. The whole experience is a luxury convenience, from flowers to seeing a real barista make the drink. The amazing experience they have through Sage allows them to be present and to Do Different. Sage is not any typical coffee shop; it is something special. It just takes one visit for you to understand what Sage is all about.  It may be hard to put it in words, but it is a mini dream vacation. People like feeling that and they can’t stop coming back.

I always wanted to create a place for young people to grow.  A great starting job does not only mean clean and organized environment, awesome management and pristine people; it means one that teaches integrity and helps them to grow as humans.  We set them up for success later in their lives just by simply setting the bar high on how we treat our customers our coworkers and how we do things at sage to such an intricate detailed level of awareness and keenness. Like the sculptor Michelangelo, I believe in doing everything the absolute best and highest quality possible.  I have a need to pursue this with everything in life.